CO Trump Campaign Staffer Praises Alleged Double Murderer: “Nice Shot, Kyle”

Screengrab / John "Tig" Tiegen / YouTube


John "TIG" Tiegen reposted an unverified allegation that one of the victims was a registered sex offender.

According to The Colorado Times Recorder, John “TIG” Tiegen, a spokesman for the Colorado “Team Trump Bus,” offered “unvarnished support for Kyle Rittenhouse, the Wisconsin teen accused of shooting three people at Kenosha protests.”

  • The report indicates that Tiegen delivered President Trump’s signatures to Colorado’s Secretary of State’s office to qualify for the ballot in November.
  • He also “reposted an unverified accusation that Rittenhouse shot a registered sex offender and other looters.”
  • Tiegen said in the tweet: “That’s why I say NICE F@&k shot Kyle!”

Two of the three victims from the protest, which occurred in the wake of the police shooting of Jacob Blake, have not been officially identified, but the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has named all three based on images and posts found on social media. Tiegen nonetheless reposted claims made by a far-right meme page called Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, which stated that all of the shooter’s victims were pedophiles and violent criminals. Authorities have charged 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who claims to be a militia member, with the homicides.

  • The Times Recorder noted that “Tiegen is joining John Pence, the Vice President’s nephew and Trump operative, on the Trump bus in Colo.”

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