Co-Founder Of Students For Trump Charged With Criminal Fraud

Screengrab / NBC News / YouTube

John Lambert was arrested for pretending to be a Manhattan lawyer and taking money from would-be-clients.

Daily Kos reported that a Tennessee man who co-founded the national group Students for Trump has been charged with criminal fraud. John Lambert, 23, was arrested after he pretended to be Manhattan lawyer “Eric Pope” and accepted thousands of dollars from would-be clients.

Students for Trump was founded by Lambert and Ryan Fournier, two students at Campbell University, in 2015. The group helped college campuses mobilize prior to the 2016 election and plan to do so again in 2020. The online platform Fournier and Lambert started grew to have tens of thousands of media followers as well as 300 campus chapters.

The Trump campaign eventually took notice and began assisting the group in expanding their online presence.

The group was responsible for a campaign called “The Chalkening” which invited students to write messages that supported Trump in chalk around their college campuses. Messages included sentiments such as “build the wall” or “make America great again.” Minority students took issue with this campaign, as it echoed the Trump message of exclusion and racism.

Lambert’s fraud involves allegedly taking more than $1,600 in fees from “clients” when Lambert presented himself as an attorney. One of his would-be-clients took $10,000 out of his 401K to pay Lambert’s fake law firm.

Lambert is out on bail and will appear for a hearing on April 29 in New York.

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