CNN Wins Court Order Restoring Jim Acosta’s Access To White House

Screengrab/CBS News/YouTube

A federal judge has ordered the White House to temporarily restore the press pass of CNN's Jim Acosta.

A federal judge ordered the temporary restoration of CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s White House press credentials, according to Bloomberg.

> U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly’s ruling is a rebuke to the president as he tries to recover from losses in midterm congressional elections. It furthers a portrait of a president overstepping his authority to settle personal scores and carries extra sting because it was issued by a judge Trump appointed.


> “This is a case in which the White House’s visceral anger at the press in general and at Acosta and CNN in particular collided with binding Constitutional precedent, including precedent that clearly governed -- and precluded -- the revocation of Jim Acosta’s White House press access,” said Jeffrey Robbins, a First Amendment lawyer who’s not involved in the case. “This is going to prove to be a decision with consequences far beyond what happened to Mr. Acosta.”

Following the White House decision to revoke Acosta’s hard pass — which granted him unescorted access to the White House complex — other networks rallied around CNN, which the president has picked on specifically as a purveyor of “fake news” during his ongoing war with the media.

> Kelly read his decision from the bench two days after hearing argument from attorneys for the president and the network. At issue was whether U.S. Constitutional guarantees of freedom of the press and of due process trump the president’s ability to decide who has access to his official residence.

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