In an interview with CNN, Dr. Sanjay Gupta has commented that Admiral Brett Giroir, President Donald Trump’s testing czar, is running a cover-up for Trump’s abysmal failure.

  • Giroir said that “a strategy that focuses on mitigation, wearing a mask, watching your distance, washing your hands, quick testing of anyone who is symptomatic in any of their contacts, with a baseline surveillance of some percent of the population is probably the winning strategy. Not only do we not recommend this strategy of testing everyone on a frequent basis, but I think it could instill a false sense of security.”
  • “He is wrong,” said Gupta. “This is trying to cover up what is unquestionably an abysmal failure when it comes to testing in this country. Only testing symptomatic people is an antiquated strategy as nearly 40 percent of people who are completely asymptomatic can still spread the virus.”

Gupta has also criticized Dr. Scott Atlas, Trump’s new coronavirus adviser, that his idea of “herd immunity” is terrible, which would “take a super long time with a lot of death.”