CNN's David Gergen: Under Trump, We Face Authoritarian Rule

CNN's David Gergen says "authoritarian rule" is "the larger threat hanging over us now".

According to CNN political analyst David Gergen, the threat of authoritarian rule under President Donald Trump is growing, warning of the same signs other countries have witness ahead of authoritarian regimes.

"It is the beginnings, in many other countries it's been the beginnings of an authoritarian rule, and that's the larger threat hanging over us now," Gergen said on CNN's "Reliable Sources."

Gergen referenced Russian success in facilitating uncertainty and confusion around elections, aided by the president's relentless cries of 'fake news':

"We have an election that's just around the corner later this year. What if the Democrats take the House back? Is all of that going to be blamed on fake news? What if they fall short? Are Democrats going to think, you know, it was all that meddling, and they have won a few seats that they wouldn't have otherwise won," he said earlier.

Watch Gergen's comments above.