CNN: Melania Trump Has No Plans Of ‘Tangible’ Support For Re-Election After RNC

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The First Lady reportedly will not be hitting the campaign trail in support of her husband's reelection.

First Lady Melania Trump will deliver a speech at the Republican National Convention next week, but according to CNN, that will be the extent of her “tangible” efforts to boost her husband’s shot at reelection.

  • “Short of the convention address, there is little else on Trump's radar pertaining directly to assisting the reelection of her husband,” the news outlet reported, noting that “She was not a big presence on the 2016 campaign trail, either -- Trump made fewer than 10 solo appearances and less in the way of speeches.”
  • A source familiar with Trump’s travel schedule told CNN that “the first lady has no concrete plans to attend events, speak to fundraisers, nor attempt to garner voters in any tangible way.”

Despite the planned high-profile convention speech, Melania Trump is not expected to be much of a surrogate for her husband this campaign cycle -- even as he continues his ham-fisted approach at courting suburban White women with whom his wife might carry some appeal. Her disdain for barnstorming is something that has frustrated staff on the President's reelection team, says one person who worked closely with the Trumps in 2016.

  • The outlet noted that coronavirus pandemic might be factoring into Trump’s decision-making but added that “one wonders if even in a Covid-free world, the first lady would be making the long, hard slog across the country that other more seasoned political spouses of incumbents have in the past.”

Trump's is a very different campaign playbook than her predecessors. Michelle Obama, who is slated to speak, virtually, Monday night at the Democratic Convention in support of Joe Biden, was known as such a powerful orator on behalf of her husband in 2008, her nickname was "the closer."

  • Anita McBride, former chief of staff for first lady Laura Bush, observed of the first lady: "Mrs. Trump has shown us over and over that she does this role her way, with her timing, and generally on her terms. For her not to be out there beating the bushes, drumming up votes, is not all that unusual, considering what we have learned about her as a first lady. But when she does want to be heard, she's effective."

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