CNN Correspondent: Roger Stone Lives In Fear, Expects Arrest At Any Moment

Screengrab/ABC News (Australia)/YouTube


Roger Stone, who is caught up in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, is in constant fear of arrest.

Trump associate and self-described “dirty trickster” Roger Stone lives in fear of being carted off to jail at any moment, according to CNN political correspondent Sara Murray, who said Thursday that Stone believes indictment is a “constant threat.”

Via RawStory:

Stone “believes he’s been under surveillance since 2016,” said Murray. “There’s this constant threat that he’s about to be indicted, but his team has never heard anything from Mueller.” She added that that threat had taken a toll on Stone’s daily life.

“For a while, Roger Stone wasn’t even making plans on Fridays, one of his friends said, because he was worried that that could be the day the FBI comes for him,” she said.

Murray also said Stone told her the investigation has been “financially debilitating,” leading him to pursue some rather odd fundraising schemes: “These have included the sale of “Roger stones, actual signed stones,” and a bizarre video campaign featuring his dogs.”

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Oh boo hoo you seditious traitorous pos! No sympathy from me I assure you. No, I'm going to be sitting in the front row knitting the longest scarf in history while watching the TREASON TRIALS for all of these bought & paid for Russian assets. This SOB cant be brought to the rope fast enough imho,

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