CNBC Anchor Savages Co-Host For Enabling Trump As 100,000 Americans Died

Screengrab / John Whitehouse / Twitter


CNBC anchor Andrew Sorkin blasted Joe Kernen for putting primary concern on the stock market during the pandemic.

CNBC news anchors Andrew Ross Sorkin and Joe Kernen engaged in a heated exchange on live television during Wednesday morning’s Squawk Box after Kernen accused his colleague of having “panicked” during the early weeks of the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Kernen said: “You panicked about the market, panicked about COVID, panicked about the ventilators, panicked about the PPE, panicked about ever going out again, panicked if we’d ever get back to normal.”

  • Sorkin broke in with an angry accusation of his own, saying: “Joseph, you didn’t panic about anything! 100,000 people died, Joe, and all you did was tried to help your friend the president.”

  • He continued: “That’s what you did! Every single morning on this show… you used and abused your position.”

  • Kernen responded that Sorkin’s characterization was “unfair” and said, “I’m trying to help investors keep their cool, keep their heads. And as it turned out, that’s what they should’ve done.”

  • Sorkin abandoned the conversation and repeatedly begged Kernen to just “do the news,” before defending himself and saying he never argued that people should go sell their stocks.

  • “I wasn’t arguing to go sell your stocks, Joseph, I was arguing about people’s lives,” Sorkin said, before begging once again that Kernen “do the news.”



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