Climate Change Will Shrink US Economy And Kill Thousands According To Study

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"There will be more mosquito- and tickborne diseases like Zika, dengue and chikungunya."

The U.S. economy could lose hundreds of billions of dollars — potentially 10 percent of its GDP — and thousands of Americans could die by 2100 due to the effects of climate change, according to a new report from the federal government.

Via CNN:

The federally mandated study was supposed to come out in December but was released by the Trump administration on Friday, at a time when many Americans are on a long holiday weekend, distracted by family and shopping.

Coming from the US Global Change Research Program, a team of 13 federal agencies, theFourth National Climate Assessment was put together with the help of 1,000 people, including 300 leading scientists, roughly half from outside the government.

It's the second of two volumes. The first, released in November 2017, concluded that there is "no convincing alternative explanation" for the changing climate other than "human activities, especially emissions of greenhouse gases.

Despite such reports from his own administration, President Donald Trump continues to mock the notion of climate change, tweeting just last week, "Whatever happened to Global Warming?" after some areas of the country were forecast to experience potentially record-low temperatures.

But global warming is still happening, and the predicted consequences only grow more dire as humans continue failing to act:

The costs of climate change could reach hundreds of billions of dollars annually, according to the report. The Southeast alone will probably lose over a half a billion labor hours by 2100 due to extreme heat.

Farmers will face extremely tough times. The quality and quantity of their crops will decline across the country due to higher temperatures, drought and flooding. In parts of the Midwest, farms will be able to produce less than 75% of the corn they produce today, and the southern part of the region could lose more than 25% of its soybean yield.

The dairy and fishing industries also face massive losses by the end of the century.

And beyond the economic impact, the report predicts loss of human life as well as increases in certain illnesses:

Higher temperatures will also kill more people, the report says. The Midwest alone, which is predicted to have the largest increase in extreme temperature, will see an additional 2,000 premature deaths per year by 2090.

There will be more mosquito- and tickborne diseases like Zika, dengue and chikungunya. West Nile cases are expected to more than double by 2050 due to increasing temperatures.

Expect asthma and allergies to be worse due to climate change.

The report details numerous potential consequences of neglecting to act in meaningful ways to mitigate climate change.

"The findings in the Trump administration's NCA report show how the health and daily lives of Americans are becoming more and more interrupted because of climate change," said Beverly Wright, founding director of the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice and a professor at Dillard University. "We challenge the administration to finally begin using this information to rebuild and strengthen the communities in the direct path of the atrocities wrought by the fossil fuel industry and decades of poor policies that have neglected our concerns. The science is undeniable, let's fix it."

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