(Click Post) Please Register At The Intellectualist Website Here

Please register at the intellectualist website.

Here is how you register at the Intellectualist website:


  1. On the Intellectualist Facebook page, please click on a post, any post\**.**

  1. When you click on the post of your choosing, you will arrive at the article on the Intellectualist website (www.themaven.net/theintellectualist). In order to register, you must click 'login'. It is circled below in black pencil.

3.​ When you click login, you must choose to register via your Facebook account, Gmail account or through another email service. For our purposes, please hit 'continue with Facebook'.


  1. In the far-left hand corner of the screen, please push 'login'

  1. Choose to register via 'Facebook' or 'Gmail' or your own email service.