Cleveland Dealer Op-Ed: Jim Jordan Is Collaborating In Destruction Of Democracy



Former Plain Dealer editor Brent Larkin wrote that Jim Jordan is committing "crimes against America."

The former editor of Cleveland’s The Plain Dealer penned a scathing op-ed on Thursday labeling Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) President Donald Trump’s “enabler-in-chief” and accusing him of committing “crimes against America.”

After highlighting the criminal activity of several former Ohio congressman who might seem to give Jordan a run for his money in the worst-ever representative category, Brent Larkin argued that the Ohio Republican beats them all — because he is collaborating in the destruction of U.S. democracy.

“Jordan’s crimes don’t involve felonies, but they inflict far more harm,” Larkin wrote. “They are crimes against America, crimes involving total disregard for the principles of democracy, trampling the truth on behalf of a corrupt president who revels in his inhumanity.”

Watching the Republican’s performance during the impeachment inquiry last year, as the House Intelligence Committee heard from “honorable truth-tellers … was to view a man who acted like he spent his childhood gleefully ripping wings off flies,” the former editor said.

Larkin suggested that Jordan is eyeing a 2024 presidential run to carry on the “Trump-Putin mantle” but argued that the lawmaker might have a tougher time than he realizes — particularly as the sex abuse scandal at Ohio State University continues to haunt him.

Jordan has been accused by three former OSU wrestlers of turning a blind eye to the abuse during his time as the school’s assistant wrestling coach from 1987 to 1995.

Though the accusations are credible, Larkin noted, Jordan alleges his accusers are lying — a move straight from the president’s playbook. “The president, who lies more in a weekend than most people do in a lifetime, wants us to believe that the more than 20 women who have accused him of sexual misconduct are all liars,” Larkin reminded his readers.

“Trump brings out the worst in people because his only way to win re-election is to tear the country apart,” he continued, proclaiming that “No one is more devoted to Trump’s cause than Jim Jordan.”

The Ohio Republican is a “dangerous bully,” Larkin wrote, “someone willing to destroy the lives and reputations of decent Americans in service of the reprobate who leads this country and poses the greatest threat to the republic in 160 years.”

The former editor concluded: “After Jordan’s career reaches its merciful conclusion, my belief is he will come to be remembered as the most wicked human being ever to represent Greater Cleveland in Congress.”

Read the full op-ed.

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Spot on.
When I see Jordans face I get ill. By his lack of action he is as complicit as the sick Doctor. His pathetic tea party hateful actions would be magnified ten times over if the GOP ever got control again. God help us.
2020 Blue


He’s always so angry and his bullying rhetoric reminds me of Trump, the major bully. We don’t need this kind in our government where decisions need empathy. He is always angry and against everything. He needs anger management training and needs to learn how to handle business and relationships.

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