Cindy McCain Tells Arizona GOP: I Want My Mail-In-Ballot Counted


Cindy McCain, wife of the late Sen. John McCain, took a swipe at the Arizona GOP as it tries to exclude mail-in ballots.

The Arizona Republican Party is attempting to change the way mail-in ballots are counted in the state, and Cindy McCain — widow of the late Sen. John McCain — appears miffed by their efforts.

McCain tweeted on Thursday that she is “one of those mail-in ballots.”

From The Hill:

> In a tweet, the senator's wife took aim at local GOP groups who this week filed a lawsuit to force the state to stop calling voters to verify that they had mailed in a ballot in the case of ballots where names provided by voters are not immediately clear.


> "I am one of those mail in ballots. I was under the impression my vote was always counted," McCain wrote Thursday, tagging the state's local Republican Party account.

> McCain's comments follow efforts from several county-wide GOP groups to ask a judge to halt the counting of mail-in ballots, claiming that the process violates state law and that election-related calls can only be made before an election is held.

> ...


> State Democrats have accused the GOP of attempting to interfere in the vote count with the lawsuit and have vowed to fight GOP efforts to change the process.

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