Appearing on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, CIA Director Mike Pompeo appeared to contradict former CIA Director John O. Brennan’s assertions that Russia’s Vladimir Putin led the hacking efforts against the United States.

It has been widely confirmed that the attack on America’s 2016 election was directed from the most senior officials at the Kremlin, including Mr. Putin.

HUGH HEWITT, MSNBC HOST: Today, I bring to you my conversation with the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Mike Pompeo. This is his first interview with a news network since taking the job. I sat down with the former congressman, West Point and Harvard Law graduate at CIA headquarters in Langley. I started by asking him about Russia’s meddling in last year’s election, and what the administration is doing to stop it from happening again.

MIKE POMPEO, DIRECTOR, CIA: I can’t talk about the details of the intelligence, but we have, the intelligence community has said, that this election was meddled with by the Russians in a way that is frankly not particularly original. They’ve been doing this for an awfully long time. And we are decades into the Russians trying to undermine American democracy. So in some ways, there’s no news, but it certainly puts a heightened emphasis on our ability to figure out how to stop them.

HEWITT: The news was actually that Putin personally directed. Do you think the Russian President did that?

POMPEO: I can’t confirm the intelligence related to that.

HEWITT: John Brennan, your predecessor, is said in that story to have called his counterpart, now your counterpart, Mr. Bortnikov, of the FSB, on August 4 of last year. Have you talked to Mr. Bortnikov since you became director?

POMPEO: I don’t talk about the liaison partners that I speak with. (continues on to another subject).