Church Claims To Have Discovered The Cure For Every Known Illness: Bleach

A screenshot of a video the group has posted which shows a child in Uganda being given a cup of the “miracle cure”.Screengrab / Brighteon

A "non-religious" church claims that industrial bleach is a miracle cure.

An organization that calls itself the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing claims to have a "miracle cure" that treats 95% of all diseases that is, in actuality, industrial bleach.

The group invited the public to see the "effective alternative healing" for themselves at the Icicle Village Resort in Leavenworth, Washington on Saturday morning.

The event was publicized through Facebook but has since been deleted, and there are no updates on the event on the group’s official Facebook page.

According to The Guardian, the event's organizer, Tom Merry, said that consuming the bleach “could save your life, or the life of a loved one sent home to die." The group that calls itself "a non-religious church of health & healing set up to serve mankind" asked attendees to "donate" $450 per person, or $800 per couple, in exchange for organization membership and bundles of bleach that they call "sacraments."

The chemical is nicknamed MMS for "miracle mineral solution or supplement," and consuming it, the group says, will cause one to gain “the knowledge to help heal many people of this world’s terrible diseases."

And the main ingredient of the "miracle" drug?

Chlorine dioxide, a potent bleach chemical that is used mainly to treat textiles and water for industrial use. Countries around the world have banned the substance from being used for medical purposes. Companies are not allowed to sell the chemical for human consumption in the United States.

In 2010, the Food and Drug Administration warned that symptoms of consuming the substance can include vomiting, diarrhea, severe dehydration, and even life-threatening reactions.

“Consumers who have MMS should stop using it immediately and throw it away,” the FDA said bluntly.

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