Chuck Grassley Says Trump’s Tax Law "Hasn't Been Any Help" To Republicans


Sen. Chuck Grassley said Trump's tax law might not be a liability for the GOP but "it definitely hasn't been any help."

President Donald Trump’s tax law, signed just about two years ago, has offered little political help to Republicans, according to Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa).

The Hill reported that Grassley, who chairs the Senate Finance Committee, said the law is unlikely to be a drag on Republicans’ election efforts but also said “it definitely hasn’t been any help to us.”

Trump’s tax law never became overly popular, the publication noted, which Grassley chalks up to Americans not realizing they benefited from the tax cuts. Polling from earlier this year revealed that only about one in five adults believed they received a cut in their taxes, despite estimates that a majority of Americans paid less tax in 2018.

"You don't notice it, so you don't even think about it," Grassley said.

The lawmaker made similar remarks on the Senate floor on Tuesday as he discussed the law:

"I spent 10 years on an assembly line in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and probably if I got a 50-cent tax cut every week, I wouldn't know at the end of the year that that added up to $250 more in my pocket. So under the circumstances of the working men and women of America, it might be difficult to know that. But studies show the great benefit to the middle class families of this tax cut. So thanks to these historic tax cuts and reforms, Americans do in fact have more money in their paychecks and their pocketbooks."

Asked about analyses that show wealthy Americans have received more benefit from the tax law compared to low- and mid-level income earners, Grassley said such information could be a liability for Republicans come election time.

The GOP needs to make clear that the highest earners are "actually going to be paying a larger share of the income tax coming into the country,” he said.

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