Christie Called On Us To Sacrifice Ourselves For Wall Street, Now He’s Infected

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In May, Chris Christie said Americans were "gonna have to" accept high COVID death tolls to reopen the economy.

Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie said earlier this year that Americans were “gonna have to” accept high coronavirus death tolls as he pushed to reopen businesses.

Now that he has the virus himself, Christie has checked himself into the hospital as a precaution, Newsweek noted.

  • Christie said via Twitter: “In consultation with my doctors, I checked myself into Morristown Medical Center this afternoon. While I am feeling good and only have mild symptoms, due to my history of asthma we decided this is an important precautionary measure."
  • In May, when it was not he who had the virus, Christie was cavalier about American deaths: "Of course, everybody wants to save every life they can—but the question is, towards what end, ultimately?”
  • Christie also said: "Are there ways that we can... thread the needle here to allow that there are going to be deaths, and there are going to be deaths no matter what?"
  • Michael David Smith noted the hypocrisy in a tweet that went viral: "When other people got COVID-19, Chris Christie said some Americans are just gonna have to die. Now that he has COVID-19, he's checking himself into the hospital as soon as he feels even mild symptoms.
  • Smith added: “When he said we have to accept people dying he didn't mean him. He meant us."

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I hope he takes one for the economy.

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