Christians Crash City Council Meeting: A “Mask Won’t Protect You But Jesus Will"

Screengrab / NBC2

Artivia Tahir

Three people crash a city council meeting to protest a possible mask mandate, saying "Jesus will" protect them

In Cape Coral, Florida, three people were arrested for resisting officers without violence outside of a Cape Coral City Council meeting that had gathered to discuss implementing a mandatory mask mandate, according to NBC2 News.

  • The suspects include 70-year-old Kenneth Scott of Colorado, 39-year-old Edmee Chavannes of New York, and 29-year-old Bevelyn Beatty of Maine.
  • The police department reported that the three were arrested for "causing a disturbance and disregarding officers' multiple warnings and lawful orders."
  • When speaking to a NBC2 reporter, Beatty said:

"The reality is the Bible tells us that we are called to go and minister the gospel throughout the earth. This is a Christian nation it’s a Christian country and our Christian values in America. That’s why our founding fathers gave us a first amendment right which god gave us first and foremost they just made to sure to put it in black and white for the constitution for freedom of speech so our job as Christians is so go and minister the gospel. The reality is this... that mask won’t protect you but Jesus will protect you.”

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