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The past several years have been a whirlwind for Christianné Allen — a little-known Instagram personality turned Trump advocate turned spokesperson for the president’s wily personal attorney.

  • When she was just 16 years old, Allen found her way to volunteering for then-candidate Donald Trump’s campaign in Virginia, a position that several people told Politico came to be after she insinuated she was the niece of former Governor George Allen.
  • A look into Allen’s backstory reveals that this detail was not the only one the college student has fudged along the way. Politico characterized Rudy Giuliani’s assistant as a “conservative activist with a thin resume” and “an inflated biography.”
  • Allen plays many roles as Giuliani’s communications director, Politico noted last year: “She accompanies him wherever he goes, recently appearing by his side in Ukraine, where he’s working on a documentary defending himself against accusations that he ran a malicious campaign to get a U.S. ambassador fired. She’s his media strategist, technology consultant and the employee who helps field reporters’ daily onslaught of inquiries — or, at least, tries to do so.”

But how did she land such a high-profile job at the ripe age of 20, with virtually no experience under her belt?

  • Allen told Politico in an email that she won the job after several rounds of interviews “that included incredibly challenging questions and multiple phone calls with his staff,” with Giuliani “expressing that I had the necessary skills and leadership to fill the position.”
  • That explanation is not overly helpful. Perhaps Allen’s social media accounts could elucidate:

Allen’s Twitter bio, LinkedIn, and old personal website list an array of suitable credentials: representative of the Trump Victory Finance Committee, the official joint fundraising committee for the re-election campaign; and video columnist for the Daily Caller.

  • But representatives of those entities told Politico “these titles are embroidered at best, and completely untrue at the most.”
  • Allen appears to have fabricated many stories about her life experience, including how she began working with the Trump campaign. Her father, Lee Allen, said his daughter told him the following Trump origin story:

As Allen recalled, his daughter hustled to be near Trump’s motorcade, where she met an “elderly Filipino lady” named Angelica George, a local enthusiastic campaign volunteer.

Trump soon walked by and spotted them. “He said, ‘Angelica, what are you doing here?’”, Allen said. “So he comes over and she introduces Anné to Trump and it’s a very quick thing. And then the lady says, ‘Look, I know the chairman in charge of the Trump campaign in Virginia. I want you to contact him and tell him I sent you.’”

  • However, a former Virginia Trump campaign official said Allen’s story was untenable: “It’s just nonsense. The candidate did not personally know George. There was no Virginia campaign chairman at that point. Allen just walked into the Richmond office and said she wanted to be a volunteer.”
  • Nevertheless, Allen worked her way into the right circles, all the while building her online presence and racking up Instagram followers — right up to beginning her tenure with Giuliani.
  • Just how she met Giuliani remains a mystery — Allen told Politico she met the president’s attorney through a woman but declined to elaborate.
  • Since then, she has been spotted with Giuliani all over Washington, D.C., and the world. Allen traveled with the attorney on his most recent trip to Ukraine, which surprised and bothered many Republicans at home, some of whom feel it was Giuliani who landed Trump in the impeachment mess.
  • Giuliani appears to be pleased with Allen’s performance so far, telling Politico that she “has already established a very strong and exceptional record as a very talented strategist, spokesperson, technology consultant and person of very mature judgment. She just finished a very grueling assignment in three different countries in four days. This assignment was accomplished flawlessly and is well beyond the abilities of your anonymous and otherwise unquestionably jealous sources.”

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