Christian Writer Says COVID Pandemic Was God’s Way Of Stopping Gay Pride Parade

Rosaria Butterfield.Screengrab / Harvest Virture / YouTube

Sarah Shaiman

She suggested that pride parades were a way to indoctrinate others into becoming gay.

Earlier this week, Evangelical Christian writer Rosaria Butterfield wrote on the Christian website Desiring God that the coronavirus pandemic was God’s way of stopping gay pride parades, according to a report by the Friendly Athiest.

  • Butterfield was a former college English professor who was a lesbian herself. She then married a pastor and began to denounce homosexuality.

  • First, she claimed “sexual identity depends on an affirming audience who can sway others to its side, using an ideology of personal freedom and victimhood.”

  • She also claimed “without an audience, sexual identity cannot be normalized.”

  • These claims suggest a conspiratorial homosexual agenda and the idea that pride forces sexuality on people, both of which are untrue.

  • The first “pride” was actually a riot against police brutality because of the constant raids and harassment of gay bars.

The coronavirus pandemic has killed over 100,000 Americans and 350,000 people worldwide. To suggest that this pandemic, which has altered life around the world for the foreseeable future, was an act of God to punish the world for homosexuality is reprehensible.

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