Christian Summer Camp Shut Down After 82 Kids And Staff Contracted Coronavirus

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Artivia Tahir

A summer camp in Missouri is forced to shut down after an outbreak of coronavirus infects over 80 campers and staff

A Christian summer camp in Missouri has been shut down after an outbreak of coronavirus led to the infection of over 80 campers and staffers, according to Buzzfeed News.

  • The Kanakuk K-2 camp made the decision to shut down after a number of suspected cases, with recent estimates putting 82 people infected from the camp. Per health officials, “the children were returning to their homes in 10 different states, as well as multiple Missouri counties.”
  • The Stone County health department said on their Facebook page:

"The decision to close has resulted in all campers, counselors and staff to return to their homes. SCHD will be working closely with Kanakuk Kamps to identify exposed individuals and quarantine those individuals, as necessary."

  • Kanakuk, which operates at least seven camps, did not respond for a comment, nor have they made any indication about the outbreak on any of their social media channels.
  • The story comes as public health officials and politicians grapple with determining how and if school reopenings will occur in the fall. President Trump has called for unilateral reopening, but local officials are struggling to figure out how to ensure limited contact.

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