Christian Radio Host: If Trump Funded Abortions, Evangelicals Will Flee

President Donald Trump meets with religious leaders in the Oval Office on the National Day of Prayer, 2017.Screengrab/PBS NewsHour/YouTube

Christian radio host Steve Deace said evangelicals likely would abandon the president if he has paid for an abortion.

Evangelical Christians have remained a bedrock of support for President Donald Trump — despite his constant lies, sexual promiscuity, and a host of other immoral behaviors — but there is one situation that would likely cause the religious right to abandon ship, according to right-wing Christian radio host Steve Deace: if Trump paid for an abortion.

In an email to Quartz earlier this year, Deace said evangelicals view Trump as “the last remaining barrier” between themselves and the left:

> “As long as Democrats remain the party of infanticide and ‘bake the cake, bigot,’ there is literally nothing Trump could do to alienate a majority of his evangelical support,” Steve Deace, a Christian radio talk show host, told Quartz via email. “They see him as the last remaining barrier between them and the Left using the full coercive power of government against their beliefs.”

Deace acknowledged that news of Trump paying off former mistresses ahead of the 2016 election with the assistance of his former attorney, Michael Cohen, caused a little “slippage” in the president’s evangelical support.

But he said there is one situation that would likely cause a more significant departure:

> “Would a revelation like Trump paid for an abortion of his own child and is unrepentant about it, like he is everything else, cause some substantial slippage?” Deace asked. “Yes.”

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