Christian ‘Rabbi’ Who Appeared At GOP Rally Believes Jews Will Burn In Hell

Screengrab/Daily Mail/YouTube

Christian "rabbi" Loren Jacobs believes Jews who do not accept Jesus Christ will spend eternity in hell.

The Christian “rabbi” invited to a GOP campaign rally on Monday to pray for the Jews who died during a mass shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue over the weekend believes that people of the Jewish faith will burn in hell for all of eternity.

Via HuffPost:

> Wearing a Jewish prayer shawl, Loren Jacobs invoked “Yeshua,” a Hebrew word for Jesus, in his prayers for Republican candidates at the start of the Oakland County rally, near Detroit. Pence later called on Jacobs, whom he described as “a leader in the Jewish community here in Michigan,” to offer a special prayer for the victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting and their families.



> The choice of Jacobs to pray for the synagogue victims rankled many Jews. Within American Judaism, there is an overwhelming consensus that ”Messianic Jews,” a subset of whom identify as “Jews for Jesus,” are not Jews at all ― but simply Christians by another name who use Jewish language and ritual to evangelize for Christianity.

Jacobs — who was raised in a conventional Jewish home but became a Messianic Jew in 1975 — wrote blog posts on the Association of Messianic Congregations website arguing that Jews who do not accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah will not be spared eternal damnation.

He wrote:

> Incredibly, there are many so-called Christians, and even some Messianic Jews today, who suggest that Jewish people don’t need to believe in Yeshua in order to be saved! They teach that since the Jewish people have a covenant with God, they don’t need the New Covenant of the Messiah; or they teach that all religions will get everyone to Heaven. Little could be farther from the truth!


> He continued:


> No Jewish person is going to appear before God and say, “Judge of the whole Earth, I’m not responsible for not believing in the Savior you sent to us. I never knew.” Or, “Master of the universe, I didn’t like the way Yeshua was presented to me. Besides, my Rabbi told me not to believe in Him, so it’s not my fault.” These excuses won’t be accepted! We are responsible for choosing the spiritual leaders to whom we listen. We are warned not to listen to false teachers. If the blind mislead the blind, so that both fall into a pit, both are responsible.

Jacobs belongs to a subset of Jews that are held to be Christians in disguise by the majority of Jewish people:

> The American Jewish community, which consists of about 5.7 million people ― more than 40 percent of the Jews in the world ― is riven with multiple religious denominations, as well as political and philosophical differences. But one thing that Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist and secular Jews generally agree on is that belief in Jesus as the messiah is fundamentally antithetical to Judaism.


> Attempts to cloak Christianity in Jewish garb or co-opt Jewish language and rituals are typically seen as efforts to convert Jewish people. Jacobs’ personal view that Jews who do not accept Jesus as their savior do not go to heaven may well mean that he views proselytizing to the Jews as a theological obligation.

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