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Pastor Robert Morris of Dallas’ Gateway Church held a sermon on Monday in which he asserted that being an atheist is “scientifically impossible”, reports the Friendly Atheist.

Pastor Morris is a Trump supporter who has made outlandish claims -- one being that he can cure infertility in women with his prayers alone. The pastor is now taking shots at atheists and completely misunderstanding the title.

… the word literally means “no God.” No God. That’s what it means. So you can’t go changing the definition now, or you could create a new word. If you want to come up with a new word to say “I don’t believe there’s a God,” then come up with a new word. But if you want to use the word “atheist,” scientifically, there’s no atheists because you can’t definitively say there is no God, and I’ll prove it to you.

The pastor says that atheists do not have evidence that god doesn’t exist, so how can they claim there is no god?

Well, atheism is not about definitively proving to the world that there is no god. It’s about a belief that there isn’t. And that belief is based on science and logical thinking. It's also based on a heavy skepticism of religion and so-called sacred books like the Bible.

You can be an a-unicornist, too. It doesn’t mean you’ve scientifically proven unicorns are fictional; it means there’s no convincing evidence to the contrary, so you don’t buy into the myth.

In the same way that theism is the belief that God exists -- without proving a higher being's existence -- atheist is the belief that God does not exist. No one has changed the definition of either word, except for Pastor Morris, who is obviously reaching and creating an argument that his followers will allow him to spoon-feed them.

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