‘Christian’ GOP Lawmaker Has No Idea What ‘Immaculate Conception’ Is

CNN's Chris Cuomo had to explain the Immaculate Conception to professed Christian Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Taking time out of his day to visit with CNN's Chris Cuomo and push the Republicans' newfound 'Deep State' conspiracy theory about missing FBI officials' text messages, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) made the following statement:

"It would be the greatest coincidence since the Immaculate Conception that it just happened to be the case that right after Obama sics the intelligence community on Trump, the text messages go dark, and they only reappear the day that Robert Mueller is hired to investigate the President. Come on, the American people won't believe that's a coincidence, and I don't believe it, either."

Now, some of you will get this right away; others will be a little lost, but consider this a learning opportunity.

Cuomo caught the mistake and didn't let it slip away unnoticed:

Cuomo: What do you mean by the Immaculate Conception?

Gaetz*: Look, I was making a point that this is an absurd coincidence.*

Cuomo*: By what? What do you think happened with the Immaculate Conception?*

Gaetz*: The immaculate conception, it's obviously a religious doctrine that deals with the Christian faith.*

Cuomo*: I know. Where is the analogy? That's what I don't understand. What do you think happened with the Immaculate Conception?*

Gaetz: Look, did you really bring me on to discuss my religious views, Chris? I'm a Christian and I believe the Immaculate Conception was how Jesus was born.

Cuomo*: I'm saying you made the analogy, and I don't understand. The Immaculate Conception is not how Jesus was born.*

Gaetz*: It was the conception. That's the nature of the Immaculate Conception.*

Cuomo*: No, it wasn't. It was Mary's conception. It was the mother's conception without original sin. It was not the conception of Jesus. Facts matter, congressman. If you're going to make an analogy, at least know what you're talking about because you've got to have a basis for these things. You only know what you show. You've got to release that memo. It's got to have the facts and you better figure out what this 'secret society' is before you say there's a shadow organization within the FBI.*

Gaetz*: We intend to. We intend to, absolutely. We intend to find out what it is. That's why the American people have been learning more and more about the intractable bias in this investigation.*

Cuomo*: They need facts to back it up and when they get them, you know where you're welcome to come on and make the case. Right here. Appreciate you taking the opportunity.*

Gaetz*: Thank you.*

While plenty of people misunderstand the Immaculate Conception, those people are not invoking theology to help explain their political conspiracy theories on CNN.

Not knowing the difference isn't the end of the world. Lots and lots of Christians -- although not Cuomo! -- wrongly believe that the Immaculate Conception refers to the fact that Jesus was conceived without Mary and Joseph having sex.

The problem for Gaetz is that he uses this comparison in an attempt to illustrate what he believes to be the massive -- and not coincidental -- coincidence that the FBI can't find text messages from a critical period of time as it relates to the Russia investigation.

Watch the interview above.