Christian Extremist Releases Trailer For New Anti-Abortion Romantic Sitcom

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Janet Porter failed in her attempt to make the movie ‘What’s a Girl To Do?’ Now she's trying to pitch it as a sitcom.

Janet Porter, president of the conservative group Faith2Action, has released a trailer for her new anti-abortion sitcom ‘What’s a Girl To Do?’

  • It’s what remains of Porter’s failed attempt at a full-length film of the same name, which starred Stephen Baldwin, Steve King (R-IA), and Mike Huckabee before her funding fell through.
  • ‘What’s a Girl to Do?’ tells the story of Porter’s romance with the son of a pro-choice lawmaker.
  • Hemant Mehta of the Friendly Atheist noted that Porter debuted the trailer for the sitcom earlier this month:

As she explained to a (not socially distanced, mask-free) crowd during Rick Joyner‘s Harvest Fest conference last weekend, she couldn’t get the money she needed to complete the film. Investors gave her $2 million, apparently, but she needed $4 million.

So her manager “reallocated” the cash she had on hand, and she spent $100,000 filming a trailer for a sitcom pilot titled — wait for it — What’s a Girl To Do? It’s the remains of her failed film. And it has the same caliber of acting talent and all the humor you’d expect from a person who spends her life trying to control other women’s bodies.

Watch, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:


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