Chris Wallace Takes Wrecking Ball To Trump’s Favorite COVID Doctor, Dr. Atlas

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"Dr. Scott Atlas is not an epidemiologist, is not an infectious disease specialist."

Fox News’ Chris Wallace criticized President Trump’s coronavirus adviser Dr. Scott Atlas’s take on the president’s illness after the neuroradiologist said he expects Trump to make a “complete, full and rapid recovery.”

  • In an exclusive Fox News interview, Atlas said there is “zero reason to panic”, that Trump is a “very healthy guy”, and that he believes both the president and first lady will make a “complete, full and rapid recovery.”
  • Asked for comment by Fox host Sandra Smith, Wallace said: “Well, I’m going to say something and folks—I’m just trying to give you the truth. Dr. Scott Atlas is not an epidemiologist, is not an infectious disease specialist. He has no training in this area at all.”
  • “There are a number of top people on the president’s coronavirus task force who have had grave concerns about Scott Atlas and his scientific thinking. I’ll get a lot of pushback from this. I hope everything he says is true.”
  • Wallace added that Atlas can’t possibly know how the virus will play out for the president and first lady, because they are still in the earliest stages of the illness.
  • “But again, follow the scientists. Listen to people like Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx. Listen to the independent people who don’t have a political ax to grind. I don’t think Scott Atlas is one of those people.”


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