Chomsky: Trump Is ‘Sociopathic Megalomaniac’ Who Left US Unprepared For Pandemic

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“It's a privatized society… with enormous advantages… but it's in the stranglehold of private control.”

Common Dreams NewsCenter reports that in a May 25 Agence-France Presse interview, “World-renowned intellectual and author Noam Chomsky” referred to President Donald J. Trump as a “sociopathic megalomaniac,” accusing him of leaving the United States “singularly unprepared” for the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Chomsky asserts that “As soon as Trump came in [to the Presidency[, his first move was to dismantle the entire pandemic prevention machinery. At the start, defunding the Center for Disease Control, which would deal with this. And canceling programs that were working with Chinese scientists to identify potential viruses.”
  • When asked how he “read the current situation in the United States,” Chomsky answered, “There's no coherent leadership… The presidency… is in the hands of a sociopathic megalomaniac who's interested in nothing but his own power, electoral prospects—doesn't care what happens to the country, the world.
  • Chomsky added that “There's 90,000 deaths and there will be a lot more… There's no coordinated plan.”

Of Trump, Chomsky added,

The president himself has said that it's none of his business. He's said that the federal government can't do anything.

Nothing really matters except his personal power and gain. Of course he has to maintain the support of his primary constituency, which is great wealth and corporate power.

Chomsky also described the United States as a nation with many advantages, but without a system in place to use those advantages to protect against the pandemic. He said,

It's a privatized society, very wealthy, with enormous advantages—far more than any other country—but it's in the stranglehold of private control.

It doesn't have a universal health care system… It's the ultimate neoliberal system, actually.

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