China State Media Mocks Trump Amid U.S. Protests: ‘Mr. President, Don’t Go Hide'

Artivia Tahir

China offers criticism of the US after a week of unrest following the death of George Floyd

The Chinese media appears to be reveling in the news of unrest in the United States following the death of George Floyd, an African-American man killed by a white police officer, according to The Guardian.

Chinese officials have compared the unrest to the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, calling out the United States for hypocrisy.

  • Mass protests erupted all over the US in response to Floyd’s death, with many escalating after police tried to shut down the protests using teargas, pepper balls, and sometimes vehicles against protesters.

  • The US protests parallel the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, which the US government has vocally supported.

After days of chaotic scenes in the US flooding international news, China has been quick to offer criticism of the American government.

  • Lijian Zhao, the foreign ministry spokesman, said at a press conference:

“The death of George Floyd reflects the severity of racial discrimination and police brutality in the US.”

  • Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of nationalist tabloid Global Times, spoke out against the United States’ hypocrisy, notably saying:

“The Chinese government has not shown any support for the riots in the US. I hope that Americans notice Beijing’s restraint.”

  • Hu also accused President Donald Trump of “hiding” amid the nationwide protests, saying: “Mr President, don’t go hide behind the secret service. Go to talk to the demonstrators seriously. Negotiate with them, just like you urged Beijing to talk to Hong Kong rioters.”

The statements coming from China are another example of China highlighting problems in the US to counter criticism of its own human rights record.

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