Children Are Dying Of Flu In Trump’s Camps And The U.S Refuses To Vaccinate Them


The government is resisting calls from doctors to vaccinate immigrants against the flu, despite at least three deaths.

Doctors monitoring immigrants held at the southern U.S. border continue raising concerns over health conditions, particularly as flu season nears and the government has no plans of vaccinating detainees.

So far, at least three migrant children have died while in federal custody due to flu-related causes.

Still, U.S. Customs and Border Protection does not plan to offer vaccinations to immigrants in its holding facilities, saying in a statement: “In general, due to the short-term nature of CBP holding and the complexities of operating vaccination programmes, neither CBP nor its medical contractors administer vaccinations to those in our custody.”

Dr. Jonathan Winickoff, a paediatric professor at Harvard, recently told CNBC that “child deaths are rare events,” adding that the flu weakens the immune system, making children less able to fight other infections or illnesses.

"When I learned that multiple children had died in detention from potentially preventable causes, it truly disturbed me. The country needs urgent answers to that question so that children stop dying in detention,” he said.

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