CDC Whistleblower: I Was Told Not To Say “Climate Change” After Trump’s Election

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Dr. George Luber also alleges that the CDC illegally misspent money allocated for climate change research.

Another government whistleblower has come forward, according to CBS News, this time a scientist from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who claims he was told to stop using the phrase “climate change” after President Donald Trump took office.

Dr. George Luber worked at the CDC for 17 years, the news outlet reported, heading up its climate and health program until last year when he was reassigned.

Late in 2016, Luber was organizing a climate change conference, with Al Gore slated to be the keynote speaker, but those plans were put on hold after Trump won the election, according to Luber.

"I was told the optics are not good and that I needed to cancel it,” the scientist said during an interview with CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann.

Luber told Strassmann the issue was the timing — the conference was scheduled just three weeks after Trump’s inauguration, and there concerns the White House would be unhappy about it.

The well-known climate expert also said his boss, Dr. Patrick Breysse, told him something else: "Just don't say 'climate change.' Can you call it 'extreme weather?' Can you call it something else?"

In March of last year, Luber’s badge, phone and credentials were revoked by the CDC and he was escorted from the property, due to facing “more than 30 ‘troubling allegations,’ from falsifying timecards to seeming hung over.”

When the agency tried to fire him, Luber disputed all but one of the allegations and was able to retain his job, but he said during the interview that his program was subsequently dismantled.

Breysse insisted the program was merely moved to another administrative unit and had not been canceled — just postponed. He also said no one at the agency was ever told not to use the term “climate change,” saying the issue was discussed but they did not follow through with it.

CBS News said Luber’s whistleblower complaint — which also alleges that the CDC illegally spent $10 million approved by Congress for climate change research on other things — remains under review.

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