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Test kits for the coronavirus may have been contaminated, prompting the Trump administration to order an independent investigation of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention lab, while the manufacturing of the virus test kits has been moved, according to Axios.

The CDC lab, located in Atlanta, had developed a testing formula for the coronavirus and was manufacturing relatively small amounts of testing kits for laboratories around the country.

The Food and Drug Administration’s Commissioner Stephen Hahn said in a statement that government agencies have already worked together to resolve the problems with the tests.  

“Upon learning about the test issue from CDC, FDA worked with CDC to determine that problems with certain test components were due to a manufacturing issue,” he said. 

“We worked hand in hand with CDC to resolve the issues with manufacturing. FDA has confidence in the design and current manufacturing of the test that already have and are continuing to be distributed. These tests have passed extensive quality control procedures and will provide the high-level of diagnostic accuracy we need during this coronavirus outbreak.”

The U.S. decided to create its own testing kit, although the World Health Organization has sent testing kits to 57 other countries. 

As of Friday, the U.S. had tested only 459 people for the coronavirus, while South Korea had tested 65,000. China can, reportedly, conduct up to 1.6 million tests a week. 

A Department of Health and Human Services spokesperson promised that by the end of the week, “we will have the capacity to test up to 75,000 individuals” for the coronavirus. 

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