CATO Institute: Crime Along The Mexican Border Is Lower Than The US Overall

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Photo by Ralph Desio/Public Domain

According to the conservative Cato Institute, there is less crime near the U.S.-Mexico border than in counties far away.

In President Trump’s Tuesday night address, he made make another appeal for the building of his wall, strengthening his case with anecdotes of criminal behavior along the Mexican border.

But it has been found that the counties along the border have much less crime per capita than counties in America that are not located near the border.

According to the Cato Institute, if the United States as a whole had the same crime rate as the counties along the border between U.S. and Mexico, in 2017 there would have been over five thousand fewer homicides and almost a hundred thousand fewer violent crimes.

The FBI Uniform Crime Reports for 2017 has compared crime rates by counties, per 100,000:

Clearly, the border crime narrative, and the necessity for Trump’s wall, has been exaggerated.