Carl Bernstein: Our Democratic Institutions Might Fail Us Here

Bernstein says Republicans are complicit in that they have put party and the president over the national interest.

According to Carl Bernstein, the famed Washington Post reporter who helped break the Watergate story, the United States is witnessing a breakdown of its institutions - and he credits House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell with allowing the collapse to happen.

"I think we may look back on tonight as the Monday night slaughter," he said.

"A real slaughter by an obstructive, irresponsible, partisan gang in the House of Representatives that has put the interests of their party and the president of the United States and his personal fortunes above the national interest."

During the CNN interview, Bernstein also said the country will face "a constitutional crisis in the sense that the system may fail us" if Republicans do not change course.

“If you had had Speaker Ryan and Mitch McConnell as the leaders during Watergate, I doubt seriously that that investigation would have gone forward and we would have seen, really, what we’re seeing now.”

His remarks followed a Monday decision by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee to release a memo that they claim evidences "shocking" abuses by the FBI and Department of Justice; the committee voted against releasing the Democrat's memo in rebuttal.

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