Car Drives Through Indiana Protest Against Alleged Attempted Lynching

Artivia Tahir

A car drives through a group of protesters in Indiana

A car struck demonstrators on Tuesday as it drove through a Bloomington, Indiana, protest against an alleged attempted lynching, according to The Hill.

  • The driver of the red Toyota that accelerated despite being surrounded by protesters has yet to be identified. A man and a woman were in close proximity to the car and sustained injuries from the incident.
  • The Hill reported that "The woman was knocked unconscious and taken to the hospital with a head laceration, while the man received scrapes to his arms, according to the outlet."
  • Rodney Root, who took video of the incident, said in a comment to WTHR:

"The car just speeds right into her. She goes up on the hood and a guy is close by. You can see it in the video shortly, a guy tries to stop it and he's holding on. I'm not sure how long he stayed on the car but the car went full speed."

  • The protests were in response to a video from the weekend posted by Vauhxx Booker, which shows him being pinned against a tree at Lake Monroe by several white men, one of whom he claims said “get a noose.” He claims that if it wasn't for the other white people who stepped in, he would’ve been killed, as the word “lynch” was reportedly openly used.

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