Candace Owens, Who Claims Racism Ended, Once Alleged She Was A Victim Of Racism


The NAACP helped Candace Owens sue her high school in 2007 after she accused white boys of "racially harassing" her.

Pro-Trump conservative activist Candace Owens told Fox News host Laura Ingraham last year that never had “race issues” growing up, but a News One report noted that Owens “selectively forgot that she and her family sued her high school — which is when she was growing up — for racial discrimination.”

  • During the interview with Ingraham, Owens said, “Obama did a lot to tear this country a part. I do not remember when I was growing up having all of these race issues. Okay? I really don’t remember… When I was alive, this was not an issue. It all became about race.”

  • But in 2007, Owens “accused white boys of racially harassing and threatening to kill her.”

  • The NAACP stepped in and helped her family receive a settlement of $37,500 from Stamford Public Schools.

Scot X. Esdaile, the Connecticut NAACP president who helped Owens with her lawsuit, was shocked to hear Owens become a conservative. Esdaile told Mic in 2018, “We’re very saddened and disappointed in her. It seems to me that she’s now trying to play to a different type of demographic.”

He also said, “It’s the same type of thing Clarence Thomas did. [Thomas] reaped all the benefits of affirmative action and then tried to roll over on it. It’s that kind of mentality and disrespect.”

New One noted that after having been assisted by the NAACP years ago, Owens has since called the organization “one of the worst groups for Black people.”

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