Candace Owens: Blacks Did Better Under ‘Jim Crow’ Than After Civil Rights Act


Right-wing activist Candace Owens claimed that the black community has been suffering because of government welfare.

On Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle, Candace Owens claimed that the black community was doing better in the first 100 years after slavery, but the status changed when the government created a welfare state that crippled the community, according to The Daily Beast.

Owens was on Fox to debate race issues with political activist Cornel West, a supporter of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.

Owen’s said, “It was absolutely socialism and you know that. You know in our community after the first 100 years...after slavery, the black community was doing better. We were going up, up, up. And suddenly they socialized our community via welfare policies and the black community went down, down, down.”

In the Tuesday night interview, Owens also decried West for supporting Sanders for president. Owens believes Sanders’ welfare policies will continue to cripple the black community as well as hurt other poor communities. Owens then claimed in a reference to the deaths caused by communism that “socialism has led to more deaths than anything in the last 100 years.”

Watch the debate here.