Canada Bans All Boeing 737s From Country’s Air Space

Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau.Screengrab/CBC News/YouTube

In a move that will further pressure the Federal Aviation Administration to ground Boeing’s 737 Max 8 jets, Canada has joined numerous other countries in banning the plane from its airspace, The New York Times reported Wednesday afternoon.

Canada’s transport minister, Marc Garneau, said newly available satellite-tracking data indicates similarities between the Ethiopia plane crash on Sunday and the crash in Indonesia last October.

The Times said safety regulators in 42 countries have now banned 737 Max 8 flights.

In both crashes, the planes went down within minutes of erratic takeoffs, killing all 157 people on board in Ethiopia and 189 people in Indonesia.

Garneau, a former astronaut and engineer, said during a press conference that “on Wednesday morning officials and experts compared satellite tracing data showing the vertical path of the Ethiopian jet at take off with similar data from the Lion Air crash in October.”

“This is not conclusive, but it is something that points possibly in that direction, and at this point we feel that threshold has been crossed,” he said.

However, the FAA has said conclusions cannot be reached regarding the two flights before the investigation is complete, which could still be weeks away.

The Times noted that the plane is Boeing’s “best-selling jet ever,” and the company has maintained “full confidence in the safety of the 737 Max.”

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