At her confirmation hearing, Callista Gingrich, President Donald Trump’s pick for Ambassador to the Vatican, claimed that Mr. Trump wants the U.S. to be an environmental leader.

According to the Associated Press, Mrs. Gingrich told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that “Trump “wants the United States to be an environmental leader,” she said. “But we are looking to increase the security of this country, to provide more jobs for Americans and to have better prosperity.” Her performance before the committee did not seem to inspire confidence among Senate Democrats.

Climate change came up because of the Pope’s belief (and the belief of many prominent scientists) that climate change is an existential issue for the human race. When Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) asked the devout Catholic if the President had read the Pope’s encyclical on climate change, Mrs. Gingrich said she wasn’t aware.

Before marrying the current Mrs. Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, had both of his previous marriages annulled, something that means the children of his previous relationships are arguably illegitimate in the eyes of the Church. Mr. Gingrich reportedly breached his marriage vows in his previous marriages. The current Mrs. Gingrich was reportedly Mr. Gingrich’s mistress for six years prior to his divorce from his second wife.

This is only relevant because Mr. Gingrich is a sanctimonious bore who has used his positions of power and wealth to harm those whose lifestyles he disagrees with.