California Lawmaker Proposes Net-Neutrality For State Of California

Screengrab/Scott Wiener for State Senate/YouTube

"If the FCC won’t stand up for a free and open internet, California will." -Scott Wiener

Democratic California state Senator Scott Wiener has announced his intention to bring legislation in January that will require net neutrality laws in his state, in light of the FCC's repeal of such rules on Thursday.

By repealing net neutrality requirements, the Trump-controlled FCC is allowing internet service providers to decide which websites will be easily accessible and which won’t. Providers are now free to manipulate web traffic on their networks, which means they can speed or slow traffic to certain sites and even block access.

Wiener said he is working with the ACLU, Electronic Frontier Foundation and other organizations to vet all possible options moving forward, noting that democracy depends on a free and open internet.

Currently, California doesn’t have its own net neutrality regulations, because we have deferred to the federal requirement. My legislation will bring net neutrality requirements to California. There are several ways we can bring net neutrality to California. California can regulate business practices to require net neutrality, condition state contracts on adhering to net neutrality, and require net neutrality as part of cable franchise agreements, as a condition to using the public right-of-way for internet infrastructure, and in broadband packages.