California Is Winning Nearly All Of Its Environmental Lawsuits Against Trump

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The Trump administration continues to lose in court mainly due to their sloppy legal process.

According to the LA Times, California is winning almost all of its environmental lawsuits against the Trump administration. The administration, which endeavors to do-away with Obama-era environmental regulations, has suffered serious setbacks in court, as federal judges have often sided with California in cases concerning the environment.

The state of California has filed 49 lawsuits against the Trump administration. 21 of those suits challenge the policies of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Interior Department, and other agencies that set energy and fuel efficiency standards.

California has won 12 of the environmental regulatory lawsuits it has filed or joined, including seven cases that were decided and five cases in which the Trump administration backed down. The Trump administration is now appealing several of the decisions.

Many of the Trump administration’s losses come from moving too fast to change regulations, ignoring procedure, and not presenting adequate evidence to support its position.

”When you’ve got these environmental rules, so much of it is underpinned by the science,” California Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra said. “And it so often is the case that the Trump administration can’t produce the science.”

Legal experts report that they have never seen such a low success rate in court from any recent president. According to an analysis at the New York University School of Law, judges have ruled against the administration in 37 out of 39 cases.

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