California Doctor: Guns Are Better Protection Against COVID-19 Than Masks

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“I’d rather see somebody carrying a concealed [weapon] than masking up."

Dr. Jeff Barke, a family medicine physician in California, appeared in an anti-mask video last week where he displayed a handgun and said it offers better protection than mask-wearing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

  • The video shows Barke and devout anti-masker Peggy Hall discussing “mask wearing (and shaming), police protests and a ‘spiritual battle’ being waged in America,” The Los Angeles Times reported.
  • After talking about treating COVID-19 patients with the controversial antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine touted by President Trump, Barke pulls out his 9-millimeter handgun.
  • The doctor says: “I live in Orange County, so I carry this wherever I go. This is what I carry when I’m out in public to protect others and protect the public.”
  • Barke continues: “I’d rather see somebody carrying a concealed [weapon] than masking up. I think that’s better for the public than anything.”

Institutions and officials with whom Barke has associated in the past wasted no time backing away from the physician’s statements and claims, including Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, to which Barke has claimed having admitting privileges.

In a Sept. 18 statement made via Twitter, Hoag Hospital officials admonished what they called “radical” views expressed by Barke regarding the coronavirus, mask wearing and use of hydroxychloroquine.

Meanwhile, CDC Director Robert Redfield said about masks last week, “We have clear scientific evidence they work, and they are our best defense.”

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