CA Man Hurts Himself, Lies To Police About Hate Crime Involving Two Black Men


The allegations made against the two alleged suspects were falsified.

According to Victor Valley News, a Hesperia man named Daniel Davis was arrested for a hate crime after he allegedly hurt himself and “later reported a racially motivated assault involving two black males wearing masks.”

  • On Tuesday, June 2nd, Victorville deputies responded to the report of an assault with a deadly weapon at Victor Valley Hospital.
  • Victor Valley News wrote that according to a sheriff’s news release, Davis, who was being treated for lacerations on his face and body, “reported he was driving an Old Woman Springs Road in Johnson Valley when two vehicles boxed in his car, forcing him off the highway.”

“Davis alleged two black males wearing masks confronted him, vandalized his vehicle, and slashed him with razor blade knives while yelling racial slurs,” the release continued. “Davis then drove to Hesperia where he later reported the assault to Sheriff’s Dispatch. Davis’ injuries were treated and he was released from the hospital.”

  • However, during a follow-up investigation, detectives from Morongo Basin Station determined that the allegations were falsified.

“Davis had concocted the entire incident for personal reasons, damaging his own vehicle, and caused the injuries upon his own person,” stated sheriff’s officials.

  • The case was forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for filing of charges, and the report wrote that an “arrest warrant was issued for Davis for reporting the false assault and hate crime to law enforcement officials.”

Davis was arrested on June 5th, and being held at the Morongo Basin Jail with a $25,000 bail.

Read the report here.

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