By 2021, The Repeal Of The Insurance Mandate Will Cost 7M People Their Coverage

Screengrab / Fox Business / Youtube

7 million more people will be without insurance in two years, largely due to the repeal of Obamacare.

The elimination of Obamacare’s individual mandate in 2017 will result in 7 million more uninsured people by 2021, according to recent data by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) quoted by The Hill.

The new estimate is far lower than the CBO’s previous figures -- calculated in 2017 as Congress debated the repeal of the mandate. Back then, the office projected that there would be 13 million additional uninsured individuals in 2027.

This year, close to 30 million people under 65 will be uninsured -- about 4 percent more than last year, according to the new estimates.

The entity estimates there will be 32 million uninsured people by 2020 and 35 million by 2029.

The office said the increase will be primarily caused by the elimination of the mandate, which penalized Americans that didn’t purchase insurance. Other factors driving the rise include higher premiums, and the increasing popularity of short-term plans, which are cheaper but generally don’t fulfill the CBO’s definition of health insurance.

The Trump administration has said short-term plans, which usually provide lower coverage, are a viable alternative to the Obama-Care approved options.

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