Brian Kemp Posed With White Supremacist Who Threatened To Kill Stacey Abrams

Screengrab/FOX 5 Atlanta/YouTube

Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp posed for a selfie with a member of the Nationalist Liberty Union.

James J. Stachowiak — a “multiple convicted felon who regularly posts videos instructing his viewers to shoot black people on site,” according to The Root — posed for a selfie with Georgia Secretary of State and Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp earlier this month.

The Root noted that Stachowiak was sporting a shirt that said “Allah is not God and Mohammed is not his messenger” — meaning even if Kemp had no idea with whom he was posing, the Republican surely was comfortable standing next to an anti-Muslim man.

Stachowiak previously surfaced in Georgia during a campaign event put on by Kemp's Democratic opponent, Stacey Abrams — potentially the first black female governor in the history of the United States.

The Root reported on the incident in September:

> Everything was going great until four men and one woman, members of the Nationalist Liberty Union, a white nationalist hate group, decided to crash the party by protesting in favor of Confederate monuments and flashing “Kemp for Governor” signs. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill Georgia racists that might end up showing their asses (literally) in a Sasha Baron Cohen skit; these men are thugs, felons and terrorist sympathizers.

> ...


> A group of white nationalist criminals and terrorist sympathizers, using racial slurs and threatening violence against a black female candidate for governor, all while displaying campaign signs for her opponent, tried to disrupt a campaign event. You would think that would be a huge story, right? That the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Augusta Chronicle, the Albany Herald, or some type of Georgia press would cover the story, right? Not at all. Augusta ABC affiliate WJBF covered the event and even showed the white nationalist asking his question but neglected to mention he was part of a Kemp-supporting hate group.

Particularly after such an incident, Kemp's campaign was likely aware of Stachowiak, The Root noted:

> It’s highly unlikely that nobody in the Augusta office of the Brian Kemp for Governor campaign knew who James Stachowiak was. They let him into the event and had no problem with him posing with Kemp. Even if you give the Republicans the benefit of the doubt, and nobody knew who Stachowiak was, Brian Kemp was perfectly comfortable taking a picture with a man wearing a blatantly anti-Muslim shirt at a publicized campaign event. Why? Because Brian Kemp shares Stachowiak’s values. Even after the photo surfaced and Georgia CAIR (Council on America Islamic Relations) and other organizations throughout Georgia asked Brian Kemp to condemn Stachowiak and his beliefs— he didn’t.



> James Stachowiak is a terrorist. He’s identified his targets, he has repeated over and over on social media what he intends to do, and he just got tacit approval from Brian Kemp. “Brian Kemp stands against hatred,” said his Republican campaign spokesman Ryan Mahoney to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Saturday. I’d say that picture shows Brian Kemp stands very comfortably with hatred. “He believes we should treat all people with respect,” Mahoney continued in the same interview. Except Kemp didn’t condemn the Nationalist Liberty Union for threatening Stacey Abrams in his name, and it’s pretty clear Brian Kemp doesn’t respect voters, sexual assault victims, Latinos, teenage boys, Muslims, veterans and lots of other people.

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