Breitbart Writer Exposed As Admin Of Racist Facebook Group

Screenshot / Facebook

Jack Hadfield, a third-year political science student in Britain, is behind the hidden group Young Right Society.

Jack Hadfield, a Breitbart contributor and political science student in the UK, is behind a secret far-right Facebook group called Young Right Society. According to reports, the group features "virulently racist, sexist, and anti-Semitic content," alongside more run-of-the-mill conservative content.

Several members of the group are moderately well-known or prominent individuals within the UK's far-right movement:

One of the group’s moderators, Michael Brooks, has been pictured alongside Prime Minister Theresa May and Nigel Farage, while also advocating for white supremacy on YRS. Brooks wrote that the idea of a “white identitarian paramilitary organization known as the ‘white shirts’ sounds kinda cool,” and also stated that he was “14 and 88” – numbers which have special significance for white supremacists.

In response to claims that he is running a far-right, hate-friendly group, Hadfield said:

“My intention in running the group was to create a free and open place for all right of center opinions and ideologies to be discussed. I consider myself on the moderate right, but I strongly believe that all ideas, including those of the so-called ‘alt-right’ must be debated,” Hadfield said in a statement. “This smear campaign run by Hope not Hate is just another example of the left attempting to shut down free discussion, a worrying insight into the future of so-called “liberals” in this country.”