It is being reported by the Daily Beast that alt-right (meaning white supremacist and anti-immigrant) shock site, Breitbart, has been denied permanent press credentials by the Standing Committee of the Senate Press Gallery.

It appears that their credentials were denied because the committee doesn’t entirely believe that its former CEO and current White House Chief Strategist, Stephen Bannon, has completely given up the reins or ties to his former project.

Larry Solov, Co-CEO of Breitbart, had sent the committee an official letter (see below) attempting to explain Bannon’s current relationship with Breitbart. The letter, however, fell short of the Committee’s needs, maybe laughably short.

Due to the minimal nature of the information presented by Solov, the committee would require an acceptance of Breitbart CEO, a publication known for lying, with an almost blind faith:

The committee discussed a request letter sent to them by Breitbart’s Larry Solov late Thursday that was said to show White House chief strategist Steve Bannon had severed ties from Breitbart as of November. Beyond the letter (embedded below), which presented a “Word.doc” masthead of Breitbart, a committee member pointed out that beyond “us trusting Larry” there was no other evidence that Bannon had in fact completely cut himself off from the site he previously ran.

The fact that Stephen Bannon is not on Breitbart’s masthead means nothing as to whether he is still connected to the publication.

Just because a person is not officially on the masthead of a publication doesn’t mean that there can’t be some private relationship among the parties.

In the meantime, Breitbart must answer the questions presented to them sufficiently or face a permanent denial of Capital Hill press credentials