Both Joe Manchin And Doug Jones Feel ‘Buyer’s Remorse’ For Supporting Barr

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The Democrats regret confirming a man who acts more like "the president's personal lawyer" than attorney general.

According to online news outlet Salon, “at least two of the three” Democrats in the Senate that voted to confirm now-attorney general William Barr expressed extreme “buyer’s remorse.”

Just as recent as last month, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) said that he did “not yet” regret confirming Barr following a comment the attorney general made during a congressional hearing alleging that the Trump campaign was a subject of “spying.”

“I’m going to give the man the chance to release that report, let us see everything,” the Democrat senator said three weeks ago.

But last Wednesday, Manchin expressed a complete reversal in opinion to Politico: “Absolutely, I have buyer’s remorse,” he said.

“It’s troubling, absolutely. The difference between the interpretation between what Mueller really meant and what he intended. And he thought he didn’t present it properly. And Barr said he basically did represent properly,” Manchin said. “We’ve got to get that cleared up. And I would encourage my friend Lindsey Graham to bring Mueller in as quickly as possible.”

But last week, Graham said confidently that he did not intend to invite Mueller to testify. “I'm not going to do any more. Enough already. It's over,” he said.

Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) also told the news outlet that he is “greatly, greatly disappointed in what I am seeing in the attorney general.”

“I also thought he would bring this institutional stability to the Department of Justice — and not be the president’s personal lawyer. And he seems like he is moving and has moved toward a less independent role,” Jones told Politico. “That bothers me for the 12 remaining investigations out there.”

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Both Manchin and Jones have never been Democrats. They are both Republicans in sheeps clothing. I Manchin has voted with Republicans more than naught. Jones has shown his Republican stripes on more than one occasion.
So don't get it twisted, neither one regrets the decision they made to vote for Barr.


They regret that he screwed up in front of the Senate.