Border Militia Member On Asylum-Seekers: Can We Put Them In Gas Chambers Yet?

Screengrab / PBS NewsHour / Youtube

A Sunland Park PD report alleges that Armando Delgado Gonzalez wanted to put migrants "all in a gas chamber."

A disturbing police report from April 24 alleges that a member of a border militia group in New Mexico wanted to put asylum seekers and migrants “in a gas chamber.”

“Why are we just apprehending them and not lining them up and shooting them?” A man identified as Armando Delgado Gonzalez said, according to the report. “We have to go back to Hitler days and put them all in a gas chamber.”

The newly surfaced report contains testimony from former militia group member Steven Brant, who contacted the Sunland Park Police Department to inform them of the comments, which he called “terrorist threats.”

Last month, a self-proclaimed border vigilante group called the United Constitutional Patriots came under international scrutiny after posting videos of its members detaining a large group of migrants at gunpoint. Its leader, Larry Mitchell Hopkins, was recently arrested for possessing firearms and ammunition as a felon.

Read the full report below.