Bloomberg Open To Spending $1BN To Defeat Trump, Even If He Isn’t The Nominee

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Michael Bloomberg said he will shift his massive campaign apparatus to support whichever candidate wins the primary.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is determined to oust President Donald Trump in the upcoming 2020 election, and he will throw his money into the effort even if he fails to capture the Democratic nomination.

NBC News reported that Bloomberg said no matter who wins the primary — even if it is one of the more liberal candidates, such as Senator Bernie Sanders or Senator Elizabeth Warren — he will shift his campaign resources to support the nominee and hopefully beat Trump.

Those resources include a massive army of about 500 staffers and up to $1 billion of Bloomberg’s personal fortune. It also means that “Hawkfish, a digital company started by Bloomberg that’s carrying out his $100 million online ad campaign, will be retained through Election Day to help defeat Trump.”

“Mike Bloomberg is either going to be the nominee or the most important person supporting the Democratic nominee for president,” said Bloomberg’s campaign manager, Kevin Sheekey. “He is dedicated to getting Trump out of the White House.”

If Bloomberg fails to grab the nomination, his staffers would not go to work directly for the winner’s campaign, NBC noted, as that would constitute an in-kind contribution to the campaign, exceeding federal limits.

His staffers, along with Hawkfish, also would not be permitted to coordinate directly with the nominee’s campaign, the news outlet said. The most likely scenario would mimic that of super PACs, which are not bound by contribution limits and can spend as much as they want, so long as they do not coordinate with a campaign.

Bloomberg entered the race late, tossing his hat in the ring in November, but he has wasted no time since then: “Bloomberg has rapidly hired more than 800 staffers, including 500 field organizers and staff in more than 30 states and another 300 staffers in his campaign’s New York headquarters. He’s already unleashed more than $100 million on advertising and is on track to have a dozen offices in Ohio, nine in Michigan and 17 in Florida, his campaign has said.”

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