Black Man Told Oklahoma Police ‘I Can’t Breathe’, One Responded ‘I Don’t Care’

Screengrab / The Oklahoman / YouTube

Artivia Tahir

Body cam footage reveals police pinning down a black man while he said he couldn't breathe

An Oklahoma man was heard saying “I can’t breathe” while being pinned down by police in newly released body camera footage from May 2019, according to NBC News. The African-American man, Derrick Scott, appeared unresponsive towards the end of the video and was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

  • The incident began as police were called to check on reports of a black man brandishing a gun and getting into arguments with people.
  • When confronted by police, Scott ran away from the officers, resulting in them tackling and restraining him. At one point, Scott “can be heard asking repeatedly for his medicine and saying that he can’t breathe.”

“I don’t care,” one of the officers, Jarred Tipton, can be heard replying at one point. “You can breathe just fine,” another officer can be heard saying a couple of minutes later.

  • The autopsy stated that the police response did not cause “fatal trauma,” and named a list of other factors that contributed to Scott’s death such as his drug use and preexisting medical conditions.
  • The police investigation into the incident cleared the three officers involved of misconduct.
  • The video comes as the nation grapples with the death and resulting unrest following the police killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man in Minneapolis.

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